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I don't feel like 'building a base' suits The Long Dark. I know the devs (maybe) have plans for "snow shelters" (they were part of the menu before it was cleared up to hide features still being developed) and it might make sense to include tents, but the construction of a house? I'm not so sure that fits the survival nature of the game.

But I like the idea of having a generator! You'd have to find a place that has a generator already attached, but when you do you could use any fuel (kerosene?) you've come across to power it (currently only used for the Storm Lantern). Of course it wouldn't last long, but perhaps it could be made possible to take more from cars, and there are a couple locations where a barrel wouldn't be out of place. It's never going to be a permanent solution - and I would say that it shouldn't be; this is a survival game after all, player vs the elements.

More economic players would use the fuel to power their Storm Lantern (unless it's decided that these should be two different forms of fuel), whereas others may run out too quickly and be left to endure "The Long Dark".

So yeah, I personally like the idea of a generator... but perhaps not a coal or wood powered one. I think it should be a luxury that you always know is going to run out eventually.

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