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Finding the game wonderful, there're still some ideas that came to my mind, sorry if some of the suggestions may already be posted, all of them seem enriching the concept and the game would be even greater with them - more natural/realistic.


1. MAP MAKING – a map could be made on a piece of leather – may be even scallable – the bigger territory you want to put on the map, the more leather you need.

On the map you should be able – after determining it at dusk and dawn – the world directions (north, south, west, east)

You could put the locations on the map – would cost some time to do it, as ink you would unse a piece of burnt wood or animal blood.


Simple sort of SLEIGH would be useful to transport more items, rapidity of movement equal to walk (no running) – when moving lots of items or heavy/lots of meat

SNOWSHOES – made with wood+gut etc. would make the walk faster and surely less tiring

“HOLES IN SNOW”? just like thin ice, you could imagine deep snow over a hole into which you could fall in while walking outside the “track”? and some time and energy would be needed to come out of it? (maybe tool like shovel will be helpful)


Meat – to be cooked and eaten

Leather – to make all kind of clothing (from any animal), bedroll, tent, map etc

Guts – to make all sort of rope or be part of items (tent, bedroll, boots, traps for animals, sleigh etc)

BONES – to make tools like shovel or arrows, knife, needle, etc

FAT – as fuel for the lamp or as crafting element (of a tent etc) or helping against cold (either to put on tent or directly on skin – to protect against cold)


Fire from wooden elements (simple version without gut and more efficient with gut for example) like in prehistoric times (not only from matches, firestriker or magnifying glass).

Lamp could be refueled with animal fat


All leather types could be used for different clothing (not only leather for boots etc). Thus, we could imagine 4 different types of clothings (bear, wolf, deer and even rabbit!). But the smaller animal is, the more pieces you would need to craft the clothing. (rabbit hats are very warm)

Repairing with all sorts of leather (deer, wolf, rabbit), only quantity needed should be different or capacity to protect could be affected:


1. MAP – would be nice to make from leather – should be possible to put locations/ routes/ recognizable elements of nature (big trees/stones/hills, rivers, bridges etc)

2. TENT – should be possible from leather + guts + wood (like indian tipis !), so that you can survive slightly better far from a human-made shelter. You could transport such tent on a sleigh ! (see above)

3. SNOW SHELTER – you could imagine building it – “regular” with use of shovel and “simple” one just with your hands

4. SLEIGH or simple platform to be dragged – you would build sort of sleigh from wood and guts – thus you can transport more heavy items (either when moving from one map to another, or from one location to another or just when hunting several animals. The rapidity of walking shouldn’t be too much affected – just walking mode, no running then.

5. SNOWSHOES – when built out of wood and guts, should make walking less tiring/slightly faster

6. BOW - you would imagine to make a bow (wood+guts+some experience in crafting) – so that hunting would be possible without rifle (or when all ammos are finished)

7. SNARES / TRAPS FOR ALL ANIMALS (either ex.g. hanging ones from guts+wood or deep hole dug in the earth etc).

8. SHOVEL – to make a snow shelter or bury corpses

9. BEDROLL – could be possible from any leather type – just like clothing

10. SEWING KIT - made from animal bones and guts

11. METAL SCRAPPED from car, metal elements in bath etc.

12. CORPSES BURRIED - Corpses could be moved and burried etc

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