More Ravine issues


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Fire blows in a direction the wind can't be blowing:



Can't attach more, so coordinates instead now.

Walkthrough ice:

(-627.8, 139.3, 13.1)


(-276.8, 136.7, 45.6)





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I'm going to bump this thread with two more things along this line (didn't see anything in the bug forum rules about bumping posts…).

Issue 1:

The door on this boxcar is closed, but you can still walk through it. I'm unsure if this is an bug or an intended feature. It just seems odd to be able to walk through a closed door.

Issue 2:

The tree I am aiming at in the screenshot is the one effected. You can walk straight through it. You have to do some skyrim-style walking along the ledge where the boxcars have crashed and fallen into the ravine, so it isn't really some place users will end up in a normal playthrough.

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