How can I bring back the bears?

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The only bears missing are the pv ones at the moment,which is a bug..

Aside from that though if you want lots of bears then just put them on maximum in the settings..though I find that some settings don't make any difference sometimes..


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6 hours ago, wolfbane said:

Glad to hear it's a bug.  I particularly miss the three T Wolf Mountain bears. 

It should only be the pv ones missing, not all of them..  are you  fully updated?  Because the last version there were no bears but they've been added back in since then.

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I'm running build 2.25126227 U thru Xbox for PC  (Windows Store}.  I have the Spruce Falls bridge bear always,, Mystery Lake always and D Point at times.  None found in Broken RR,  Muskeg,  PV,  T Wolf MT, Blackrock Cstl Hwy,  Bleak Inlet, Airfield, 

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The latest version is 2.27.  ...     

The last update fixed the missing bears,except in pv..  but even there there is still the birch forest one.. 

There is an update due soon too, but if you're still having issues after updating I'd suggest filing a report.


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