Game crashes when I try to move between regions

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Hello, I have already read a thread on the same topic, but the tips mentioned there do not help me. When I try to move between regions or try to exit an interior game crashes. It just gets stuck on the loading screen and won't let me out. It happens randomly, the last time was when I tried to get from BI to FM.  Had to start a new run, but the same issue came here. I have already submitted 4 help requests to the support, but they have not been answering me for a week now. I have attached a player log, screenshots and a full explanation in those requests, but still, no answer. And  I have already tried all the steps in that one help guide, but the issue is still here

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I'm sorry you're having these issues..  if you've already reported the problem then I'm sure they'll look into it for you. They are a small team and very busy so please be patient and I'm sure they'll get back to you when they can

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