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Dried moose,bear,deer,wolf or rabbit meat would be nice. Even a dried fish would be great maybe it takes 30 in game days depending on difficulty. It would make meat last longer and decay slower when dried (basically a jerky). Could maybe give u more calories then fresh meat but make u more thirsty. If they ever add that dont forget preparations for it too (salting it etc)! Would be nice to add a drying rack and we would have to light fire every now and then to smoke the meat again maybe every 5-10 days depends on difficulty. On lower difficulty like loper drying would take more time depending of what meat u use (max 30 days). Deer might take 15 days moose might take 35. Also u would have to light fire more often on lower difficulty if not u have a risk of ruining the meat. Also maybe as u lvl up cooking drying takes less time and we dont have to light a fire that often. Maybe at lvl 5 moose might take 20 days to dry rather then 35 and we need to smoke it once or twice.

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I would keep it as simple as possible.  

Cook meat/fish. 

Then as separate action process cooked meat/fish into thin strips.  

Then as separate action place the strips of meat in a location where hides and guts can cure to simulate drying. 

After a suitable (to the devs' point of view) time, say four days, the result is a dried meat or jerky as a mass.  

No fooling around with salt, drying racks, maintaining fires, etc.  The cost involved other than time and meat used to get there would be that the meat loses 25% of mass, loses 25% of associated calorie content, become seriously thirst provoking, and now decays along the 1,000 day decay line proportionately to its condition.  

Dev decision about whether the dried meat can be "rehydrated" into a stew or soup.  Whether being dehydrated prevents one from eating the dried meat (not necessarily realistic).  Whether or how much being dried affect the meat's "scent".  Whether all forms of meat in the game would be suitable for conversion to dried meat.  Whether anything else (like salt) would be needed.  

To differentiate between the current "ruined" meat pre-dried meat mechanic and subsequent "ruined" meat post-dried meat mechanic, maybe RUINED meat may remain the designation for any meat that went to ruined before the implementation of dried meat mechanic and "SPOILED" (10% to 0%) for any meat subsequent to implementation with meat reaching fully SPOILED (0% condition) disappearing automatically.  This might be a bit much to expect but it would give a reason to process the otherwise rapidly decaying (100 days time line) meat and fish.  

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I did a post on this before, its a good point. The idea is we can use smoked or dried meat to eat meats with good condition before we get cooking level 5, then we can eat anything without getting ill

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