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I have several things I'd like to see added to survival mode including new cooking recipes, crafting recipes, and new forage - able items and equipment.

Firstly, I'd like to see new cooking recipes, especially for preserved foods. Here are the suggestions I've come up with. 

For preserved foods: salted fish, smoked fish (using maple wood obtained from saplings), dried fish, venison/moose jerky (I realize you can find packages of jerky already, but I want recipes for craftable jerky), and rosehip preserves (which can be eaten on bannocks or from the jar).

For hot food recipes: roasted ptarmigan. This can be cooked by spit roasting on a campfire.

New crafting recipes for the work table/forge to include: drying rack (for drying fish and venison), improvised shovel (for method 2 of roasted ptarmigan), cooking spit - requires cooking pot (for roasted ptarmigan).

Forage - able goods and equipment: mason jars with lids (for rosehip preserves), tin lunchbox (for storing preserved meat), granulated sugar (for rosehip preserves)

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Many of these have been requested before in other threads/posts.  

Specifically the smoked jerky.  Hopefully that makes its way in, it’s a hot request.  

I like the rose hip preserves idea, it would be great if we could harvest maple sap and boil it down too. 

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