[NOGOA+] ≥10 days in each major region on purist outerNOGOA: "Outer This World" challenge (created by Twitch streamer PerfectTrip)

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What Outer This World challenge is about:

Created by Twitch streamer PerfectTrip after beating WonzAndOnly's NOPE challenge. Claimed to be harder than NOPE.

Challenge rules (by PerfectTrip):

  • Survive at least 10 days in each region listed in the journal except Transfer Pass.
  • Played as a stricter purist outerNOGOA* run: Closed caves within the same region (e.g. HRV ice caves) cannot be passed through.
  • No torch+rock allowed on wolves. Torch+bow/flare gun and Flare+weapon are permitted.
  • HRV memento box not allowed.
  • Only crafted clothing/bedroll can be repaired.

*Outside-only NOGOA (No One Gets Out Alive, custom settings code: 8sHM-/z8P-Dz+3-QZym-XRQC). No buildings/structures with warmth bonus allowed (vehicles, fishing huts, snow shelters and back of open caves are OK). Transition caves/mines can be passed through but not looted or loitered in.

Additional self-imposed rules:

  • No harvesting of torches to get sticks back.
  • No flask, tip-up and down insulation (down bedroll is OK).


Full run:

No-commentary gameplay (Day 0-193): 

Note: I may add more parts because I'm still not done looting ZoC even after spending 10 days there (also kinda want to continue this run when HL adds the new region).

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