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In the game, some things do not suffer condition loss because by their nature, such as tools, they lose condition due to usage.  An example would be the hatchets that occasionally wash up with 71% condition.  

What this topic would be suggesting is that those items which "naturally" lose condition due to the passage of time might have their "starting" condition (before the player could pick them up while beachcombing) be more random instead of being based (it appears) on the passage of time possibly since the start of the particular game.  This is a sweeping assertion for I know that I have picked up food items obtained from washed up bodies and laying on the ice near overturned boats and such that were not ruined.  

So I am most concerned about only finding ruined fish (bass and salmon) and the slow continual degradation of things like pain killer which started maybe about 40% or more at first when found on the ice and have now had consistent degradation to 13% and the prospect of it eventually reaching ruined when it appears as beachcombing debris. 

Yes I have been playing this particular game for 2,700 days.  I have been noting that recently a seemingly inordinate number of washed up lockers have been empty but that might just be the RNG messing with me.  

So the base idea I propose would be that things that would degrade "naturally" over time have a more randomized condition perhaps with a cap on how high it can go.  For instance if the fish we find washed up on the icy shores could have a condition of 0% (ruined) to a max of 75% (i.e. recently caught before disaster struck the fisherman) or that pain killers (no antibiotics?) could have a range of 10 to 50% depending on the RNG draw.  

I expect that it sort of works now but if TLD continues beyond the current DLC perhaps that might be a possible change. 

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