Completing Wintermute could give you a Survival Feat

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With the possibility of the main story being completed this year, I think it would be nice to have a feat that would extend the story for Will and Astrid. When you equip the feat it will require you to start the game as either Will or Astrid, you start with their clothing, and a general knowledge of the regions that you would have been in for Wintermute. In addition to this, you also have some world objects that would not otherwise be there, like the signal fire in Pleasant Valley. You would also have any other characters that survived the ending of Wintermute available for you to help, and possibly for them to help you. This would give players something new to experience and give more players reason to play Wintermute, if they havnt already.


I know this would not be easy to implement, but if it was, the game would have so much more to offer

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