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(Moose/Deer call) A Moose call made from birch bark that you roll up or sew up to call in moose and Deer. 

(Antler call) need two antlers to attract a stag. Need some guy to tie them together. 

(A Hide) A place where you can set up a hunt. The Moose call and antlers works well with this. Could be made from cloth and sticks. 

(Knife variants) A hunting Knife with an antler handle, a Swiss Army knife and a pilots survival knife. 

(Jerky) A way to make Jerky so it lasts for a  very long time. True survival food. 

(Smoker) to make jerky. A tripod which you can hand meat from. 


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A hide made from animal skins would be a good use for all those we amass during the game..

A smoker has been asked for a lot,it's a good idea.

And welcome to the forum 😊

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Another idea. 

With the Base customisation coming. I think it would be excellent if you could hunt special specific Deer,Bear,Moose etc. So that you can mount them in your base as a trophy. 

Could even be fish. As they’re already in the game 

It shows your going from surviving to thriving. 

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