Walking Stick / Hiking Pole


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Primary use: Lowering the penalty of being encumbered. Speed and sprain wise. Make the sprain system more complex rather than random with Crampons you shift to wrists, and with Walking Stick to feet. If that makes sense.

Additional use: To make it more useful and desirable have it act as a sacrificial piece when being attacked by predators. Reducing damage. Perhaps interesting and important when dealing with the upcoming big cats or cat. Which i would guess would be potentially hard to deal with. Ambushing you perhaps? Being hard to spot or in unusual places pouncing on you. Depends upon "which" big cat it is i guess. Breakable in a single attack if it is a Bear, and it is a Walking stick rather than a Hiking Pole.

Additional use for Cedar, other than firewood like the other wood. Craft a Walking Stick from it.

Hiking Pole being a unique item that could be repairable and durable, able to withstand a Bear attack and not get destroyed. Made of metal.

But i guess implementing this would be a PITA or time consuming for whoever does the animation and have it mesh with the terrain.

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