Milk carton for mashed potatoes and carrots


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In a previous post of mine I expressed my desire to make some comforting recipes with condensed milk and I think actual milk could also be a good addition, here is why:
Firstly it should come in cartons because milk packaged that way lasts for long even in warm temperatures therefore it should have normal if not slow decaying rate.

Milk should be somewhat rare, a bit rarer than cooking oil I think, because it serves both as a food item and an ingredient. If drank as it is milk would hydrate the survivor and give a good amount of calories. It could be heated to give warmth bonus and be stored in the thermos.

These qualities would make milk a very valuable item specially if saved for long trips since it's basically a litre of water with calories.

All of this is secondary though, as my main reason for wanting milk in the game is for the mashed potatoes and mashed carrots recipe. Currently potatoes and carrots feel underwhelming and I have seen posts of people asking for more uses for these items and I think this would be a good solution. Of course the recipe would require previously cooked potatoes or carrots and salt, as well as prep time (the mashing itself).

Finally, if milk were to be added, it should be needed to make pancakes.

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