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So I must be the unluckiest player in this game at the moment.  I had to restart because I fell into a crevasse between to very large rocks and can’t get out (I’ve tried for hours and hours to no avail).  Now on day 154 in the new game and here is what has happened.

Mystery Lake - no rifle

Pleasant Valley - no rifle

Timberwolf Mountain - no rifle

Ash Canyon - no rifle

Forlorn Muskeg - no rifle

Either I’m missing it because it’s leaning against a tree in the middle of the forest, or there’s a glitch in the game.  If it’s neither of those, I’m just completely unlucky.

still having fun, but frustrated just a bit.

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That's odd..   you didn't take them off in the settings by accident? 

    I must admit I walked straight past it several times but my eyesight isn't the best and it's pretty dark in there 

I've had a few side runs where the curators didn't spawn though...


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Yes it is.

So I’m playing on Voyageur.  I didn’t think you could customize setting on the preset levels.  If you can, I can’t find where.  I’ll just have to look harder for a rifle I guess.  🤬

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Oh I see...  My apologies, I thought you might've been playing a custom run..  

 There is the other variant at could try......  If that's not there either then I think your run is really bugged .


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