Breaking The Silence: A TLD-inspired poem I wrote

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I'm not really much of a poet but I thought I'd share, hope you guys enjoy :).


The sun rises over the mountains

Painting the sky orange and red and yellow and pink

Glinting off the snow and shining through the treetops

To wake up the birds from their warm nests

So they may greet the dawn with their singing

Breaking the silence


An arrow is nocked to a string

And pulled back as far as his arm can reach

And let fly straight and true through the air

To bury its head in a deer’s white chest

Blood spurts and stains the snow crimson

The deer groans as she dies

Breaking the silence


The smell of blood is carried on the wind

To the noses of wolves

Who have not eaten for weeks

And are desperate for food

They run through the fresh snow

Eager to taste meat

To tear flesh

To crack bones

To drink blood

They howl their bloodlust as one

Breaking the silence


The fire crackles and pops

Fresh meat roasts on a spit

Fat drips into the flame and hisses

The last of a tin of coffee is spooned into a can

Then the wolves come out of the trees

He frantically grabs for a revolver and begins firing

One wolf collapses to the snow and whimpers its last breath

Another two soon follow

But there are too many

And soon they are on him

Ripping and tearing and biting

He screams as he dies

Breaking the silence


The lights in the sky

Dance and shift and shimmer and burn green and purple and red

Glowing curtains for the closing act of our play

Somewhere below, in an empty house

A radio flickers to life

Though no one is left to listen

Music fitfully plays

Breaking the silence

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