A couple of ideas for developers to look at


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I have a couple of ideas for the long dark in survival mode like 

crafting a snowmobile would be useful for long distance travel 

crafting things for indoors and cleaning up houses to use

more storage to carry more things

lighter items so not as heavy

more wildlife

diffrent weapons and traps

More underground bunkers more houses 

Craftable chests for items indoors

And Last off i think a genorator obviously have to find things to fix it use fuel to fill up and just give us light in at least 1 house that’s it because at night when I wake up indoors and it’s night I can’t see a thing and I have to wait ages before I can see so a couple of things on here would be great or when episode 5 has finished and the long dark is about finished I think you should give players a mod menu to add mods like this for there own game and others who like it as it is they can still play normal like fallout 4 it has a mod menu and you can download the things into your game this would be exciting to see what happens in the future I just hope developers get a chance to read and hear feedback from them about these ideas to see if this is a possibility or not thanks for reading 


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Acho que a ideia dos geradores quebraria um pouco a proposta do modo sobrevivência, mas gostaria de ver algumas formas de iluminar as casas, mesmo que só um pouco.

Pretendo fazer uma lista de desejos, e uma das minhas ideias principais é extrair banha e gordura de animais (principalmente ursos) para criar velas e fogueiras que durariam várias horas e dariam luz, mas seriam inviáveis para se aquecer.

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