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Been trying to get this issue fixed for a while now. 

So as anyone who plays TLD on Steam Deck knows there's a huge performance dip whenever you press any button whatsoever - causing an otherwise stable 60 FPS to dip to 40 FPS. This isn't because Steam Deck cannot run TLD because it can - the old solution to this used to be to switch the version of Proton you'd run the game on which would fix this bug and you can play at 60 FPS smoothly but an update that came out a year ago rendered this solution broken. 

There's no other solution to fix this now - even if you cap the FPS to 40 to try and mitigate the issue the FPS would instead drop to 20 FPS now and if you then cap the FPS to 20 it would become virtually unplayable. It's not a performance issue, there's something horribly wrong causing enormous input lag whenever any button is pressed on the SD. 

It would be nice to finally get a fix for this.

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The issue is somewhere in the input method they're using i feel.

If you play using keyboard & mouse input (even "false" one using the steam overlay, just selecting a "wasd + mouse" config) it works. 60 FPS mostly stable (barely drops under 55 here and there). I can have a very comfortable 40 FPS for hours.

But no gamepad inputs, very annoying for inventory management. It's sad cause they've been doing a super good job with the steam overlay, you can pretty much configure any action you like, both in game and in menu... And as not so many people know this issue i guess most people play the game at 30 FPS (sometimes dipping under 30) just by using the default setting. People have been asking for performance issue on reddit...

I tried contacting the support in December, bumping the old thread here or on the steam forum... But no answer, yet.

edit : The issue has been reported for month now that i think off (July or august from the last year i feel), the steam deck is my only gaming platform nowadays it's hard to justify supporting the studio if they're ok with that. And it's not reassuring for the next Hinterland game neither i have to say. :/

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