My IDEAL location in TLD

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...does not exist. However, doesn't hurt to look at what I think is ideal and see how places rate.

The ideal location MUST HAVE the following items:

  • Easy access to food: deer, rabbit, bear, moose, fish, plants, birds
  • Easy access to fuel: sticks, timber, pallets, crates
  • Easy ingress and egress into the abode
  • The abode, with a bed, a work bench, a cooking station, storage

This is why I use TWM - has all of these things. Now for a PERFECT place, let's add some things that are HIGHLY DESIRED:

  • A vehicle to sleep in to avoid cabin fever
  • A 6 burner stove - top thing on my list of nice to haves by a long shot!! Saves fuel, saves time, cook a lot of food or make a lot of potable water
  • A furnace for smelting things
  • An ammunition workbench
  • A milling machine

This is why I use Bleak Inlet as my home away from home...has the mill, ammo workbench. Ingress and egress is bad in BI, there is no convenient 6 burner, and there are Timberwolves. Love the Farmhouse in PV, but weather sucks, no fish, fuel is a bit of a pain, egress  and ingress are pretty simple, none of the specialty machines. Coastal Highway is nice, has the advantage of beachcombing (as does BI), but is a little tucked away for my liking. I also find I get surprised by the bears and wolves a little more than other areas. Blackrock is another close contender, but Timberwolves make it a hard place to live as well as the regular wolves and bears...

So there is no ideal place for me, but using my MUST HAVE list, TWM is still on top of the list. Wish it had a 6 burner stove, and secondly an ammo workbench. If it did, I would rarely leave except for Tales! Speaking of which, I need to get my rear out of Broken Railroad and get heading home to TWM! Cheers all!


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Give it another update or two and you may choose differently.  

I noticed A LOT of gunpowder materials in ZC, it gives the impression that MP is likely going to have an ammo bench.  ZC has a 6 burner stove at the workers camp; there will likely be a shortcut to MP somewhere in that area since the shortcut to FA is on the opposite end.  
MP is also supposed to house a military facility, so….. 

Lots of potential for a new favorite spot.  

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I am guessing there will never be a "perfect" spot, but am hopeful that the newer areas will have another place I can choose for a long term base.

I found some gunpower material, but not a lot. Perhaps I missed a few caches? Think I ended up with a can of stump remover and 3 bags of dusting sulfur? Think I also found 2 cans of gunpowder. So I guess that is a decent amount...

By MP are you referring to Mountain Pass? I thought that was a potential mod for TLD?

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Now that there is a "mostly windproof" workbench a few meters from the Island Cottage on Drift Island, I'm finding myself more and more living there ! In need of cloth, iron or a furnace, I'll make a quick run to the main hangar, but except for this you can stay there an unlimited amount of time : wood is everywhere, several plants nearby, as well as all the game you want to hunt ! Does and rabbits all around the cottage, a moose just in the Creek, wolves a few meters away, deers in-between, and easy access to 2 bears (really not far).

There are of course some downsides : if you're into firearms or need to repolish your tools, the closest ammo-bench and milling machine is in the Cannery in BI. Not the safest place to go, in particular if you need to haul coal, iron and some fir logs : all of the materials are quite heavy, so you'll have to place a stone-cache in an exchange zone. But even that longrun is now easier with the travois !

I have to say the Mountaineer's Hut will stay in my heart (easier access to ammo-bench and milling machine, I admit), but this place is becoming the really good spot on the other side of GBI ;)

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I second this thought on Island Cottage. Its biggest drawback relative to the Mountaineer's Hut is that it's only got a 1 burner potbelly stove, whereas there's two cooking slots at the Mountaineer's Hut. This drawback is partially offset by the presence of the Zone of Contamination nearby, where it's possible to get massive amounts of coal. Overall, I think Island Cottage will be among the best locations for a long-term base in the Far Territory.

Camp Office could also be a contender, as it meets most of the Must Haves, and isn't too far from a forge. Lake Overlook can help remove Cabin Fever. It's not even too far from an ammo workbench and milling machine, and is really central relative to the rest of Great Bear.

Some other good locations that meet all the "must-have" criteria above are Hibernia Processing (it's a bit isolated from the rest of Great Bear though), the Quonset Garage, and the Hunting Lodge.

Honourable mentions that meet most of the "must-haves" include Pleasant Valley Farmstead (fish and moose are far), Signal Hill (see previous), Paradise Meadows Farm (bear, moose, fish far away), Lonely Lighthouse (no workbench), The Riken (too dark, no workbench), and Trapper's Homestead (fish and moose far away).

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