Yet another variant idea- Specialist's Knife


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Specialist's Knife
A rare and exotic blade of Eastern origin... and no, not that Eastern blade. Designed in the shape of a claw to make it more viable for combat, with the unintended side effect of making it a great carcass-harvesting blade as it practically glides through flesh and hide.

Now you have a claw of your own- give those Wolves a taste of their own medicine.

It's a Karambit- an Indonesian fighting blade shaped like a giant claw, and occasionally wielded in the modern era in the West. Supposedly inspired by the claws of a tiger, this weapon leaves painful "ripping" wounds due to the biomechanics of the design- which also allows it to harvest carcasses relatively easily.

However, it's not designed for harvesting objects such as cloth or tarp, and is absolutely not designed for use in crafting, so it won't work as well in these categories.


+Reduced time to harvest a carcass (maybe even a special animation?), especially if the carcass is fresh
+Increased Struggle effectiveness
-Reduced effectiveness for harvesting objects (almost on par with an Improvised Knife)
-Increased crafting time (Worse than an Improvised Knife)

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