Using Calendar Days for Game Days

Roberto Tomba

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I'm on an exceptionally long run (for me). My previous longest was 77 days, but I'm now at day 279 in this latest run. I know I'm going to pass 365 days, and I believe I can make it to 500. But, I started to think about how I would pass the time, even with a stable food source. Lately, I've been taking "vacations" to different parts of the map, packing provisions for my trip.

But, I stumbled upon something when I decided to look up what day 279 is on the calendar: It's October 6, which is my birthday. The actual birthday was months ago, but I get to experience it again in the game. I decided to spend my day doing absolutely nothing...a perfect day off.

Now, I get to look forward to Trick or Treat on Day 304, a Thanksgiving feast on Day 327, and maybe I'll get some presents on Day 359. They say you have to do things to keep yourself engaged in the game. I think I've found another way to do that.

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