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  1. You can use a milling machine on brass. 'Neck turning' is a process that reduces neck thickness variations and allow the bullet to be release squarely into the rifling https://blog.westernpowders.com/2016/05/when-accuracy-counts-part-two-neck-turning/ Pretty much making better ammo. It can be done with a milling machine, if you have jigs and rigs and some knowledge. Making new casings would take whole chunks of metal and a lot of time. But it could be done. Not sure where we'd get the brass bars though
  2. This was an issue as Hinterland created new difficulties levels back years ago. Numerous players were having issue communicating their strategies because some were playing Voyageur, other Stalker, others Pilgrim. When Interloper was added it was a completely different game that required very different tactics. Should everyone play on one level so all information is easy to share? No. Clearly the game benefits from those 4 levels, players can build up and ''advance'' if that's what they think they're doing. Those levels continue to change, Interloper now is not what Interloper was in test branch. Even DMC doesn't get that experience. So comparison is only so valuable and old info becomes outdated. Custom is best for those who have already played the game 100s or even 1000s of hours and want to keep creating new scenarios and challenges for themselves. It should not be removed. ------------------------ OP has a great idea. Adding in 'tough starts' would give some welcomed challenge 👍
  3. TLD Haiku is a long tradition now Link to old steam forum: https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/9/133257959063605451/ May the tradition continue!
  4. Yeah I just did 5 runs up and down the mountain about a week ago. I had 4 container compartments full of stuff - somewhere between 80-120kg if I was to guess (I should have made a note) Each climb I'd carry down 15-20kgs, even after 5 runs there's still some extra tools up there. (This is playing on a Custom setting that uses the Stalker world spawn but with lower container densities. Lowering container density in custom settings has no effect on the plane crash containers)
  5. From my experience: Some locations benefit from better lighting. If there's a moon out it can be enough to work by. Caves, and locations like the Mountaineer's Hut almost always benefit from this.
  6. Stomach running low Why do you taunt me this way? Pancakes on the wall
  7. It was cold enough on Loper that a 20 degree warmth bonus wasn't enough to not freeze, I remember that On Voyageur there's lots of food in the containers (*One container has nothing but MREs nearly a dozen on Voyageur, Stalker has these too, another has crackers and peanut butter. It's very different on Loper). I conserved a lot by starving during the day since I was just trying to pass the time. The survivor can last for a few days with no food if you don't mind the condition drop (*depending on the difficulty settings of course). Doing that I still had food when I came down the mountain. (BIG EDIT: It's also important to note I did this in 2016, small parts of the game balance have changed since then I can't say for certain if the calorie burns are the same)
  8. I can get behind that reasoning Maybe Hinterland can just call them ''Refined Arrowheads'' some of the ones I've seen sold IRL have sections cut out of them, not sure how that helps but the survivor could do that with a milling machine 👍
  9. I've never played an update that wasn't worth starting a new save. Everything in the game gets little tweaks and it changes the whole experience. Using an old save you'll miss out on the new skill books, they have a chance of spawning in all the regular book locations you've probably already collected from.
  10. The milling machine is a fun idea. But repair could be done differently. I repaired a small rifle once that was misfiring because the trigger had worn and wasn't catching. The trigger was just a piece of metal with a hole for a pin to pivot on and a few angles to catch where it needed to. No amount of cleaning would make that trigger work, it had to be replaced. Rifles and pistols in the game could break in a similar fashion and we'd have to craft replacement parts. Even generic ''Rifle Parts'' would be more realistic. Besides firearms there's not much that a survivor needs a milling machine for... A camp stove comes to mind but you can make one with hand tools. Metal animal traps are typically forged and need spring steel in their construction. Lantern is hand tool repair since the metals thin. You can mill engine and other vehicle parts but it's hard to tell the exact rules of the event and what engine types do and don't work and why.
  11. I like the idea but aren't the arrows already broadheads?
  12. Record? I've been on the summit on day 1 many times. Shortest run was around 8 hrs with a Voyageur start in the TWM region back when I was still trying to get feats and achievements. I spent 2 months on the summit in a snow shelter to get the Pacifist and Silent Hunter achievements. It's probably possible to do it with less if you get a stim or coffee. On Loper I've only done the summit once, but that was around day 100.
  13. I don't *typically encourage loot lists so I won't disclose any of the locations I found them in. But I will say I found 5 (IIRC) *gunsmithing books total after exploring all regions without visiting all locations in each region.
  14. That's a good point wizard. I think with a little work they could make Broken Railroad into that kind of map. They just need to add in the bolt cutters from story mode and a few Timberwolf packs. Maybe the region is still too small compared to Bleak Inlet though. Another reason to rework it.
  15. I've heard the phantom bear before, and like @ajb1978 been attacked by them. Curiosity kills. Better to leave at once. The hunter's blind isn't the only place where the phantom bears can appear. I've encountered them in TWM and CH as well. It's a pretty old 'bug'.