Geometry / texture pop-in issues


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Has anyone seen similar things:



In this case it seems to be reproducible. It's always specific pieces of rock. It always involves snow cover. The problem persists on a reload. This is right outside the transition cave to Forsaken Airfield.

This might be related to the map building, as it seems this a lot more common on new maps. I particularly noticed it before in Forsaken Airfield (for example around Shoulder Lake I think). But I've also seen this now and then on other maps. And I've seen it with rock faces too (not just snow). I've also rarely seen entire parts of mountains pop in when it comes to those distant map border mountains. But other instances haven't been consistent, and sometimes it doesn't happen, or it happens in different places.

All in all I just don't know what to make of this. It seems to have gotten worse over time, as I can't recall it this frequently in the past. I don't know if this is some systematic Unity engine issue, or if it's specific instances of defective geometry that should be reported individually.

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Looks like a problem with shaders. If I had to take a bet I'd wager blending in textures at a certain distance (LOD wise) doesn't seem to work quite right. Would be interesting to know your configuration, as in what platform you're playing on, what's you specific hardware if on PC, etc.

Maybe you can mitigate this issue be adjusting the render distances in the graphics menu.

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