Two Collectible Ideas


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Trauma Kit
A small first aid kit.
"A well-prepared kit containing sets of surgical tools, various sutures and tapes, and a few syringes and chemicals. While not very useful on its own, this kit could easily extend the lifespan of other medicines."

  • Bandages, teas, dressings, etc. can be used twice before actually "using" the item (Lore reason: You're cutting the bandages/dressings to the right shapes and fastening them with tape instead of wrapping them around the wound, letting you use the remaining material a second time- as for the teas, you're diluting them with other chemicals)
  • Half the normal amount of antiseptic is used (0.05ml instead of 0.10ml) when removing Infection Risk (Lore reason: You're using a specially designed syringe to apply it to the wound without wasting antiseptic)
  • Changes the healing sounds (scissors cutting fabric, medical/electrical tape)


Cleaning Kit
A toolkit containing some bottles, stones and whetstones of various types, and cloth/leather scraps.
"A box containing some rarer cleaning solutions. Could be useful to bring your tools and weapons to a mirror finish. Take care of your tools, and they will take care of you."

  • Once per day, tools can be Polished to apply a minor boost to their Condition and to reduce their Condition loss rate for a while (Think of it as part of a tool maintenance regimen, and less like a magic tool health pack.;))
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