Idea for two Memento Notes


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Pinned to one of the foreclosed houses in the PV region. (The houses across the river)


Where the hell is this guy?

He was supposed to pay his debts a month ago. Apparently he went on some sorta "hiking trip" to the old mine recently, and never ended up coming back...

Can someone go out and find him, or what's left of him?


It would highlight the TWM>AC cave entrance on the map, and would highlight the Gold Mine on your map.


It'd also be pretty cool to see something similar for Blackrock, highlighting the TWM>BP cave entrance.



Bagged another of those damn inmates this morning. He was trying to break in through the back door.

Got him to talk before he died, and it turns out they've been coming through by some passage up by Timberwolf.

Soon as this all blows over, I'm getting the cops on that trail, and they're gonna put a stop to this. Mark my words.



After all, there's one in Mystery Lake that highlights the ML>MT entrance, and those areas are pretty hard to reach. It'd be nice to have some in-game pointers so I wouldn't have to look at a map someone else made.

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