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I would be really interested in hearing from somebody at Hinterland what their plans are regarding providing updates for paying costumers. I bought TLD on GOG and I am waiting for new updates for over a year now. I recently thought about getting it on Switch. Same problem there.

I would pay again, no problem, if I would see that my first purchase is being valued enough to keep the game up2date. I understand being left out from DLC and so on, if you don't sell it there anymore, but not to receive any content and bug fixes whatsoever is really frustrating and disappointing.

I like the game, otherwise I wouldn't care. I hope to hear from you.



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Not from Hinterland but fwiw I know they do still plan to bring the dlc to Switch.

as for when that will be I would think it's still on track for end of the year as they said in the May dev diary.  As for GOG I know they promised updates but that was pre-dlc discussion.  I know you probably think that shouldn't change anything but thing is that the game now contains parts of the dlc in the form of the "Free Stream Updates" which leads me to think that they're done now as far as GOG is concerned cause as you say they likely won't be selling the dlc there so they may not see a point in even giving you (and others like you) these free parts.  imo though they should still give some sort of compensation like a gift copy of the game on Steam so you can enjoy what you're owed.



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the discussion wasn't pre-dlc if I remember well. so we'll have to wait. certainly once all is finished & stabilized, i suppose.

it seems there is huge job for the team, so focusing on the most profitable vendors (that is quite normal), we will have it maybe not before the end of the dlc.

note: for gog users, it is often a question of DRM free, and so to have no client installed into the PC.


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