Pieces of Jeremiah and Guy standing and crouching by themselves

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Drawn by a friend going by the name "Kruh", the pieces are of Jeremiah (Our beloved Old Trapper) and Guy (Our beloved fanfiction failed exorcist)! 

This version of Jeremiah is much more stealth-oriented, using a "...handmade cloak of pelts, fur, and an old winter camouflage net, acting as a pseudo cloak..." to blend with the snow, rocks, and shrubbery of the Great Bear Island, while also keeping himself warm and comfy. He also applied some camo to his rifle, in the form of painting the body over white-gray and tying up cloth around the front part to break the weapon's straight figure. He didn't touch his revolver, however. 


Guy is one of the "Mystery Lake Five",  a small group of men that were in Mystery Lake at the start of The First Flare. Why does he have a Forest Talker jacket on him? Well, he took it off of one of the dead members, after being a part of killing said members: self-defense and all. Not just the jacket but the axe and the rifle too.
He doesn't hope nobody needs them anymore because the nobodies are dead. He has no intention of joining them.

If you wish to check the story out, you can do so here



J final.jpg

Guy final 3 (1).jpg

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