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I've been playing TLD for two years or so and after completing storymode up to ep4, which I enjoyed a lot,  started my own sandbox run in voyager, so far so good, 51 days in. Going to try harder difficulties too probably some day.

Maybe this suggestion is more relevant to lower difficulties where there is a ton of loot, but here is the scenario that triggered the idea:

Woke up, did inventory checkup, all good, 10kg under the limit. Good to travel light and loot new places. Looted 2-3 houses - "too heavy". I wonder what are the new items I picked up - wish I could sort by "pick up time". Still plenty of time left, going forward, another building - checking containers - now I have two options - to pick everything up or selectively pick up only the things I actually need to manage carry capacity. But that would mean leaving random things in containers that I will most likely forget in the future and not sure if I  looted all. What if there was a third option to when looting a container to "drop to ground"?

So the idea is that after a looting trip, the inventory gets full if I want to be thorough, or I have to leave certain things I don't want behind in the containers and later will most likely forget about them when I need them. This made me wonder what if we could also "drop stuff to ground" as third option when looting containers. Then the things that you don't need now don't clog the inventory, but also don't stay hidden in the container, but in plain sight, meaning you have looted the place.

Or maybe even more elegant way would be to have an option to sort stuff in inventory based on the time when they were picked up. Or have like a star next to them indicating that they are new in the inventory since they were last opened. Then after looting the whole building, could only drop the newest items on ground and choose what to carry onwards and stay lightweight.


Just some ideas. If there is already a solution to this, please let me know (besides playing interloper which has little loot anyhow)

Thank you for reading.

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