As the Dead Sleep: First Try


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Tried As the Dead Sleep for the first time a few days ago, and, so far so good!

I started out at the Fallen Lighthouse in Bleak Inlet and grabbed a marine flare and a pot. I them moved on to the Cannery Worker's Residences for a warm-up, and crossed over Long Bridge to the Washed Out Trailers. Another quick rest and warmup later, and I crossed the Frozen Delta to the Forlorn Muskeg. I didn't see nor hear any trace of Timberwolves, and got into Forlorn Muskeg with ~80% condition remaining. I daisy-chained torches through the transition cave to provide light.

I next went over towards Old Spence Family Homestead, and used a torch to light the furnace and keep myself warm with coal while I slept. Then I headed over towards the Poacher's Camp, making sure to grab lots of cat tails along the way, since I had little other food on me. At the Poacher's Camp I picked up an improvised hatchet and a storm lantern, both of which would come in really handy.

The trip towards the Maintenance Shed was one I knew would be tricky, as wolves aren't easy to avoid in Broken Railroad. The journey went smoothly until just before the Maintenance Shed when wind blew out the torch and a wolf charged. Thankfully I was able to run into a truck and sleep there for a while to get energy back, reaching the Maintenance Shed itself in the wee hours of the morning without incident.

I found a prybar there, and picked up some manufactured food (most notably maple syrup) and toilet water, along with a simple parka. I explored the grave and made my way towards Camp Office, generally uneventfully. At Camp Office, I ran into a skillet, flour, and oil. I then explored the Lake Cabins, sleeping in one of them for the night. In the morning I made my way towards Carter and headed for Signal Hill via the Winding River. At Signal Hill I found much food and drink -- most importantly, I found my first coffee!

I left Signal Hill in the morning and explored both Molly's Barn and her farmhouse, where I found decent clothing, more coffee, and a cooking sill book, which I read to get Level 2 cooking and make pancakes. I also did some repair work. Unfortunately, by the time I was done, it was shortly before nightfall. My plan was to go to Three Strikes Farmstead for the night, but I somehow missed that and ended up in the far northwest of the region. I was becoming concerned -- it was night now, I had no bedroll, and I didn't know where I was. I thought I might have to sit by a fire and drink lots of coffee to keep myself awake, but I stumbled across the Prepper Cache. Even better? The cache was full of supplies! What a find. Unfortunately, there was no emergency stim.

Leaving the cache mid-morning, I headed for Crystal Lake and explored the second grave. I also used my hatchet to chop up some firewood for the night and slept in the Mountaineer's Hut, enjoying pancakes and the most pleasant evening Timberwolf Mountain has to offer -- I also found more matches, importantly. Next morning it was very cold, so I headed for Prepper's Abandoned Cache to warm up some, then had a quick fire break near the Derelict Cabins before heading for the Cinder Hills Coal Mine, where I found my first emergency stim.

The walk towards the Quonset Garage -- where I would spend that night -- was generally not eventful, and I had decent gear, so the rest of this challenge would be easier. Walking along the road towards Desolation Point and its grave near the Riken was not eventful: a few wolf encounters, but those were easily managed with torches. I slept in the Lonely Lighthouse, where I picked up some Running River Oats for porridge that morning, along with a second emergency stim.

From there, I stopped at the Misanthrope's Homestead, used a stim for some condition, then slept. From there, I went to Jackrabbit Island, passed through the Fishing Camp, and headed past Bear Creek Campground on the way to the Ravine, where I found my fourth grave. To get out, I used a stim, and ran towards the small cave south of the long rope climb (hoping for a bed), but no such luck... I ended up drinking a coffee and walking, tired, back to the trailers outside Carter, where I am now. Only grave left is the one above Many Falls Vista!


All in all, this has been one of the best challenges the game has to offer, aside from Hopeless Rescue and Escape the Darkwalker. Is my route the most efficient? Nope -- I clearly won't set a speedrun record doing what I'm doing. But so far so good!

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