There should be a setting to prioritize lowest condition item when selecting from the wheel


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For example, when you pick a tourch from the wheel, it defaults to the highest condition one, when you might not want that.


There should be a setting that lets you choose whether the wheel should prioritize highest or lowest condition for items from the wheel. Maybe even separare settings for different types of items, so you can choose "highest condition" for food stuffs for example.

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I second this.

I also find equipping weapons to be even more ridiculous, I'm not even sure if there is any rhyme or reason to it. When having multiple revolvers in the inventory, the game will often pull the higest condition one - but not always. Usually when there's a wolf fast approaching is when it'll instead pull out the 22%, unloaded one you just looted.

Allowing you to select which particular variant of an item you'd like on the hotkeys is quite needed in my opinion. The whole point of hotkeys is somewhat defeated otherwise.

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