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Playing my main run yesterday which is about 120 days right now. I try to avoid risky play on my main run, and this was a very near miss to remind me why!

I decided to take down the bear on the sea front at Coastal Highway, got a couple of good shots in from the safety of Waterfront Cottages, but no critical, so the bear ran away back towards its den at Misanthrope's. Instead of doing the right thing and waiting for it to expire, I foolishly went up Misanthrope's to shoot down at it, but it still wasn't a critical and this time I got myself a mauling. Bandaged up, but I lost hat and gloves, and starting to get cold. Next shot was my crit and the bear went down right by its den. Job done, so I thought, but then a wolf took an interest in me and I got cocky. I thought I could shoot it rather than scare it, mistimed it and got in a wolf struggle. Condition was low because of the bear hug and cold and I watched the bar dropping during the struggle "Oh god this is it, I'm going to lose, what a dope" down and down, white then red. I was waiting for the "You died to to shock and blood loss" message but then miraculously, wolfy had had enough of my hatchet and fled. I could not see a single pixel of HP on my condition bar - journal later says it was 2% - and I knew I didn't even have time to put on a bandage. Somehow I was abe to keep cool and sensible and stuck myself with a stim, giving me enough HP to bandage my bleeding, and then run to warmth and safety.

A night and day of herbal tea and birch bark and I'm back menacing the wildlife, though hopefully a bit more humbly from now on!

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11 hours ago, Abenico said:

I loved reading it hahha so intense and all thanks to that wolfie! I mean and stimpak as well (sorry I call them like that due to Fallout 4 runs). Well I shot 3 wolves , bear and then went on the moose and ended woth broken ribs, also I am on day 100 and something on Stalker. Been in PV for a while but coming back to main base in CH today.  

Yeah, thank goodness for stims, right? So glad I remembered it - I've lost runs before when I've had stims on me and just forgot to use them in the panic. It's a rare enough event that I guess it's easy to forget your options.

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Yeah I carry one or two and have one stashed at every base I can. I was immediately able to replace the one I used from one at my base at Quonset. Love it when planning pays off!

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