An art piece of a scene from my crossover story, showing someone who is not as they seem.

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Another art piece, also done by Charlotte, is set in the ever-dreary Blackrock.

I'm probably not alone in saying that Blackrock Region is just a sodding pain in the back rear, and the prison itself is this weird mixture of labyrinth and forced extended ways of going around made to waste time. 

So of course I wasn't going to have it be the same. Oh no. The First Flare saw an intense riot happening across the prison, though luckily the systems to the solitary all got fried and locked the place down completely. Our dear warden along with the guards used up pretty much every shell and bullet they had in store, and even then it wasn't enough. In the end, only him, and another guard, survived. Well, them and a few prisoners that decided trying to take over the prison by force while everything was going crazy wasn't the smartest thing to do. Quite smart that fella Vachon. 

Come dawn, there was plenty of dead. Not just in the prison or the region. But a glimmer of hope, in the form of a brave mountie leading the townsfolk of Thomson's Crossing to safety. A chance to protect each other from this madness. 

The same mountie sitting here in the prison infirmary, talking to a strange woman not from the island, found in the snow. She doesn't know how she got there, nor who she is. Her eyes hurt to look at. Something is not right there. 

How will things play out? Its up to us to see. 

You can check out the story here :D



Stella and Hoffman.png

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