500 days on stalker (part 3) - The Mountain (not Erebor)


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The Mountain! 

The king beneath the mountains, the king of carven stone. The lord of dog's boddies. Shall come into bear's jaw! 

I'm not dwarf but I love Mountain too. Due to the fact that on the cliff you can find the tail. Body you can find in PV, wheel on the border of Timberwolf Mountain, aings same. But tail... Oh... You know, the Mountain is worth it only by the Tail. See no sense to come here except - next go to the Ash Canyon or visit Tail. Many from Tail isn't rare: blue and red toolboxes, whetstones, cleaning and sewing kits - that is not rare, but quantity more important here. From tail you can save much of them. Hundreds of kits and tools, endless ammo, lots of clothes and fabrics, few spray prints. Unfortunately I found not so much ammo, but not a cry situation. I'm good even with a bow. Almost forget - unlimited coffee and tea. I found maybe 70 coffee tins and 50 tea bags. I can live without sleep now maybe a month. Also food. So much food. Screenshots from part 1 were made after I visited mountain. On this screenshoots you can see how much food I found, almost all from mountain (take in mind that I ate half while transfer all items from mountain to PV's house). But! First you must get to the top. You have 2 ways to get it. First - speedrun with 5 coffee cups and totaly ignore the closer plane's boxes. Second - search all containers and, like a donkey, bring all items to the top (my way). Good tips from me - you have shortcut from tail to lake house. You can slide down from tail by cliff. Even if you break a few legs and arms. You can fix yourself by 2 bandages (you need to heal only 2 legs). Take in mind that if blizzard will catch you on lake you can get lost. So in that way better time to go down will be immediately after last blizzard (Mointain isn't Airfield so next blizzard will not start after the end of the previous one). You can waste one flare to protect yourself from the wolfs when you get normal ground (blue circle on my map, the red line is shortcut from Tail to house). 

This flare will be enough to search (if you didn't search) containers on small upland near the circle and get house. In general - no sense to take all items from mountain. You can pick up only food and kits (not a toolboxes). Also pick up ammo and rare things (like flare gun, rare pants etc). Will be nice if you have a moose bag, but I wasted so much time to search highway and DP, so I must walk to mountain even without it, cuz I almost lost many cans of 8% soda in containers.  But stack loot in the Lake house isn't enough. Second in plan - transfer all items into the PV house (goodluck for all players who lived in Milton). You can transfer all of this into 2 or 3 ways. No need to hurry here. 
My own plan has name "LCS" - Loot, Collect, Skills. First - I loot everything that I can, and I did it, main locations looted. Second - I transfer all important things to my main base. Important things is food, ammo and kits, no need to transfer 3 same rifles to your base, cuz in that case you will transfer 8kg of empty profit weight. better transfer 3 cleaning kits and a few books, and after all preparations you will take maybe 4kg real weight (not 12). And if you will need to go, for example to the Coastal Highway you will take only 10-15 bullets, but no rifle (cuz rifle wait you inside CH). Third - improve your skills. I think the first what you need to improve until 5 lvl is cooking. Because I already won 3% casino and my prize was 10 days in hell. Thx parasites. Thx my luck that I didn't catch parasite ill after eating the cat tails (don't underestimate my luck, I could)

Well, here that's all folks, next will be Ash Canyon - my favorite location. Thx for reading this and good luck into the Long Dark.

mountain's shortcut.png

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