500 days on stalker (part 2) - Desolation Point


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The Desolation Point met me with strong blizzard. That wasn't good so I waited a good weather inside the mine (between semi-location and DP). In first part I said that the DP is the stupiest area ever. No-No-No! DP, in comparing with AirField, is the best location on global map. You know... Any location in comparing with AirField is the best. But today not about Airfield. 
Now we are talking about Desolation Point. So beautiful name and so boring place. Main building on location is the "Last Whale's House". Big house with good loot, workbench and boxes to store your loot. (and scary sounds outside the house). 
Another one place - Lighthouse. Common place with common loot but at least no scary sounds. I found nothing interesting here. But this place, i think, the best to living cuz lighthouse is a center of DP, no doggies around, no bears, no need to climb up (like in case with boat) and lighthouse easy to find in dark time. 
Boat - on my opinion the worst place to living in DP. No bed, cold, big percent to find a bear near the boat's exit (cuz boat are on bear's route).
So... First I visited main house, but didn't find something interesting... In fact - all location wasn't interesting, but i found a few skill books. Also I found many foods, ammo and tools. Made the secret stash inside the Hibernia Processing and leaved this place. 

When I was on return way I found a bear (well... find isn't good word for that situation. I ran in front of bear's face and he couldn't hold this insult). In panic I used the flare gun and... I... I don't even know why he died? Maybe heart-attack, maybe he sprained his leg, maybe I'm a Jhon Wick and was able to aim flare right into his nose, but bear died. I don't remember the update where flare gun got ability to kill, but now I have many bear's meat, guts and one bear's skin in the house on the Coastal Highway. 

Not so big today, because I don't know where u can find a journey on the DP, but next part will be about Mountain (not Erebor), and this story will be more interesting. I believe...

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