500 days on stalker


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Yo Dazo! 

To make a long story short I wanted to make a story about 500 days of survival on stalker difficult. Why Stalker? Just because i think that Interloper difficult is an idiotic for me. Just my opinion, no insult intended. The world where u cannot find a simple tools like knife or hatchat (let alone a rifle) is a quite stupid for me. I can check neighbour's houses and find a pack of knives, hatchets and maybe find few rifles especially now (thanks to russian intruders) so why i can't find at least one knife, hatchet and rifle in the whole world? 

Nevermind. I started from Pleasant (peasant(SJCI(Stupid Joke Came In))) Valley. Since last 10 runs i chose PV as a main location. Big place with lots of things to see, ability to find high tier loot, have moose, etc. The main problem on this location is unstable weather. Now sun and good temperature - you start walking - *aggressive blizzard's sound* - you going back. Anyway like this location because this location has a farmstead home. So many places to place loot, 6-pot cooker, workbench in the basement and good location - in the centre of PV which gives you equal distance to loot objects. 

I wanna make story around 50 days or close, so I'm going to start with 1 day - 5 day.
On the first day I spawned in the Community hall area. All day i loot Community hall, church and market. 

The second day starts in the barn. 2 looted areas and I already feel myself like donkey - 40 kg on my back but I walk with the smile cuz it's about 20 kg which i can place (Yes I do love place loot). Inside farmhouse i didn't find a rifle. Only a pistol... Well, unlucky, but not to cry situation.

On 5 day, before lunch, I walked to the radio tower, if luck smiles on me i can find something interesting. In fact i found. Blue long parka - high tier clothes on stalker difficult. Better only orange parka or skin-clothes. 

Fixed the radio box and leaved this tower. In the dead end nearby on road I didn't find the rifle too. Sadly... But not to cry situation. But in barn near the farmhouse i found... Another pistol... 

From 5 to 10 day i just looted PV as much as i can. I didn't want to stay in PV much cuz food in other locations could break and wipe, so in the end of 10 day i was in lower dam. My purpose was find as much food as i can and take it off the cabins and stores. And i did it. On mystery lake food still on the ground but *spoiler alert* i was able to take off all food from tail on timberwolf mountain. And now i have food maybe on 20 fat days of good survival. But this will be later. On Mystery Lake i always have a few places to loot. First and main - the dam (high and low). Second - Camp office, small cabins on the river and houses behind the cabins. Third - Trapman's house. And last is a broken and a normal lookout. That all what I found interesting. Another places is boring and they didn't have at least good tier loot. Almost forget - inside the dam i found a new shitty-rifle... seems like garbage but i didn't try it. 

Next station - Coastal highway or just "Big Road". I came to this location throught an area which close to Dam (not from PV's mine) i just can't remember how it's called. A few days i waste on resting and sliding down from alone blue container on the railway. This location same with Mystery Lake - same boring, same common loot. One of the difference - more doggies and mooses. I checked rabbit's house, misantrope's house, gas station and watterfront cottages (next u will see a funny situation with this houses)... And... During i writting that i remember that... i forgot to check the fishing camp. Will check it next time! 

From Big road, through small location between DP and CH I came to Desolation Point. My opinion - but this is the most boring location ever. Bears everywhere: you come to the location - bear with rusty pinnacle peaches meet you with pleasure, you come to the Hibernia Processing (hard name for me so i just say "last house for whales") - bear behind you, u lay down to some sleep, watch on the roof - bear, like in Mission Impossible, slowly descends from the roof by the mountaineering rope. Doggies everywhere too but dogs suck in this game, so this more annoying than dangerous. 

Well I think this is normal for first chapter, so... I will end this small part.
If you think that my story seems a little strange - you're right, english isn't my native langauge, so I'll be glad to see any comment about improve my speech. 

Now i'm on 63 day and i left some screenshots. Some items I didn't describe in this part cuz i find it after 30 day, so... In next part i will describe Desolation Point. 
I wish you luck in endless winter of the long dark


food 2.jpg









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