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Hey all, I will be clear as always and a bit sarcastic as always.

First, toolboxes are awesome thing in a game, I am glad you included these, good idea.

Second, those craft tables are totally useless at the moment, I would need a craft table if I want to craft something what requires a table, but not for the items I can craft in the game currently.

I am sure you gonna find a better use for them in the upcoming patches, maybe with more details on the tables, like a vise or a manual drill etc...

Lets get to the main point:

Toolboxes are good only to raise the chance that your repairing will succeed, however I should be able to craft whatever I want if I have the necessary tools, (materials, skills and time for it) in a toolbox what is taking some space up in my backpack in order to be able to craft things wherever I want to craft.

[Just add a craft button to the inventory ui under the toolbox when you select it next to the harvest and drop buttons]

Also we (hopefully) all would really appreciate if you could add some extra quality for the repairing when you use tools to do it, because it would make the tools more valuable (according to the tools rarity it would make sense).

Sure you plan more content for crafting, and you want it to be more sophisticated later on, but I find the mentioned aspects important too.

Please make more out of our time spent indoors, these small things count too.

Keep up the great job, and give us more content! :D

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I like your ideas about the toolbox. Workbench is for big things like the coming sled.

Also put the light into configuration. Pits black crafting shouldn't be an option. You need candle, lantern or daylight for that to work. Make fuel having much longer duration and more rare.

More diversity when interact with different tools would be very nice. Simplicity her is a no go.

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