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  1. viewtopic.php?f=75&t=4247&p=24430&hilit=debug+log#p24430 You were faster Ryan:D I was working on some funny reply with the debug log in relation to Mr. Norris and beer... No Chuck Norris humor today for Hinterland.
  2. I did not play for 2 weeks now. My head is full with colliders, layers, prefabs, animations, scripts.... Release that patch finally, let me have some break!!!!!
  3. For those whom are not strictly following: Tomorrow
  4. http://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments ... th_driver/ Maybe your driver is just too fresh. Dunno -.-
  5. It is simple. We search for god, than we tell him to update the chickens to 2.0.
  6. the developers would listen to all of our ideas: [bBvideo 560,560:2rjcsjy8]http://img-9gag-ftw.9cache.com/photo/ar4WvZ6_460sv.mp4[/bBvideo] I did not post anything useful for a long time, here is a cookie for you. :mrgreen:
  7. I am a pretty weird person myself. That is strange for most people too. [if they are humans at all]
  8. Thanks for the post! Eager to see the result
  9. /me picks up scent sample of dmajohnson -: Profile picture:-
  10. funny, guess what I downloaded just a few days ago for pretty much the same reason I do believe this is a "beginning of a beautiful friendship". Muhahahaha
  11. Too much bugfix means there are new things for us to play with, thank you all for your answers! Actually I am so inspired of what you do here, I started to learn unity. Respect.