Interloper skill levels for challenges.

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How awesome would it be if all challenges could be played at interloper level. It would be a totally different experience. Like Nomad- probably the easiest challenge in the game but at interloper you would now have to battle cabin fever at each location and have 3 days of fuel for the stone church.

   Darkwalker would be amazing in interloper. The challenge as it stands is so easy for everyone because weather and food  is not a factor - you get such good clothing and enough food to last the whole challenge within the first hour - you really just have to chart course to cross-cross the darkwalker is all. But in interloper you would constantly battle weather and have to take way more time collecting snd preparing teas for warming up and collecting cattails.  And what if you had to make a bow for the bear hunt in interloper conditions instead of having guns and rounds in just about every house. 
  I would totally replay every challenge if it was available at interloper. 

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