Skills should degenerate over time


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I feel like it would be very challenging and fun to have your skills slowly depreciate the less you perform them. Basically for every couple of days or so that you don't do the related activity your skills have a chance to lose 1 or 2 points. It would function similarly to hunger and water etc except that it obviously doesn't affect condition and shouldn't really ever threaten losing too much. I like the idea that it makes it seem like your character needs to stay sharp and focused to get the most out of certain skills. I imagine people maxing out a bit later in the game while also having a reason to check back in after getting distracted for a few weeks after that point. 

Lmk what you think. I could see people not liking this because its more of the same mechanics but thats kind of why I like it. I think it could be a subtle effect and still add a bit of spice.

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The idea is interesting. But there is one big note. Skills are not so necessary and important. I know for sure that I don't work with all sorts of percentages so obviously that I can feel the benefits from them. Most skills are useless, such as fishing. this is not such a fun activity. However, I can name two skills at once that can be maintained, this is a bonfire, at the third level you can get rid of excess weight. And the second is archery on your knees when you reach the fifth level, In short, if you change the skill balance system and some other things, then the degradation of skills will not be a very bad addition to the game.

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