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I have played the long dark since it first came out on the Xbox and one thing I would like to see is a god mode or a console command ability added into the game itself. I love the game but I want to ability to freely wander the maps and play around in a creative mode. I would also like to see more of an ability to base build. I want to be able to build a place to survive in and make it my home. I want to have the ability to collect more wood and other resources in order to build each wall, floor, roof, etc. I would also like to see more of a diversity in resources gathering like being able to chop down trees and break boulders or mine.

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I believe it's been previously stated that chopping down trees is not possible because of the way trees are coded.


I would be happy to see some expanded base-building options, whatever is possible to add. I don't know what resource diversity could be added, a sledge of some kind has been asked for a lot (personally, not a big fan of sledge), maybe we could have a heavy-duty lumberjack axe (4kg) that halfs the time and calories to chop wood - something mostly left at home unless going out for wood.

Coal respawning in the coal mines and deep caves is the equivalent of mining it out, I'm not sure what else we'd want to mine for, scrap metal being abundant.


I like the idea of upgrading my own cabin and stocking up on wood / meat / supplies, and being able to settle in and read whilst the storm howls outside. If we had an environment update that makes it colder inside buildings, I'd definitely want to be able to improve my base (Bearskin rug, moosehide bedsheets), so that once the work is done, it's a warm place to stay.

If I could build up a sufficiently good cabin and stockpile, that'd be a good ending (sort've) as you get a bit older, and comfortable with the routine of the weather so that now - you are the old mountain man. Will can become the old man (and perhaps have a cameo in TLD2), that advises new younger survivors years down the line.

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