Mission Report - A short TLD story

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Personal Log belonging to Henry S. [REDACTED], covert operative for the Canada Security & Intelligence Division. This was retrieved near a [REDACTED], on the western end of a broken bridge leading to [REDACTED]. Operative is MIA, possibly KIA. Multiple pools of frozen blood around the item, only one of twelve is canine. Chances of survival, very low. Classified report follows:


Mission Report: Date [REDACTED], 0224 Hours

Precisely 4 minutes ago, a bizarre variant of an aurora borealis appeared above the Great Bear region, maybe even further. Almost everything that runs on electricity has been fried, hence this handwritten log. Newer devices that rely on sensitive electronic components are definitely unusable, while some older electronics, lightbulbs and cars function erratically while the aurora is active. When it fades, even the electronics that work under the aurora are dead, too. The errant electromagnetism airwave saturation necessary to suppress every current across every electrical component over this great an area would require a high altitude detonation of a 40 megaton bomb at least... once every 24 hours. Math is all wrong, this is insanity. I watched no fewer than two planes drop from the sky: a cargo plane of some kind to the northeast, a passenger airliner around the same area, but closer. I heard it crash, I'm sure I heard screams as well. Dear God... And a third, small plane, maybe a floatplane? Too small to make out in a night full of horrors.

Some time after I was forced to leave our [REDACTED] where all equipment went haywire, I recovered survival supplies in some wealthy owner's house nearby. Huge villa, but no inhabitants. The garage also held a surprise in store: an ancient car, probably built before the 1950's. Simple ignition to start the engine is possible with a bit of tweaking, using spare parts around the house. No way the aurora could damage this old a heap that needs almost no power. I decided to use it after checking out the fridge, as I was feeling rather hungry and  needed energy for the trek to come. I would make my way through the muskeg, along the train tracks to reach the plane crashes. Someone must have seen what happened, and I would help them survive, as well.

Mission Report: Date [REDACTED], 0416 Hours

The car worked like a charm, carrying me along train tracks for nearly 45 minutes. Owner had it refueled, so that wouldn't be a problem. I watched the sky from the driver's seat, wondering what the hell I would do once I could no longer drive to my destination. Then I thought about Joanne and the girls and all the road trips we had, but my earlier fear still kept my attention on the road. Around a curve, cruel irony answered. A broken bridge and a lot of wolves, all trying to work out a way across. I was stunned: they wanted to go towards the center of the disturbance, towards the origin point of the aurora. Maybe it's unnatural, maybe...weaponized? The wolves scattered as I hit the brakes and moments later, crashed an antique car into the rocks on the right end of the path. No way I could make the jump, and no way can I find another road in this part of the region. Shit. 

(Bloodstains have smudged some pieces of paper from here on)

The wolves are now howling, surrounding my metal cage as I try to shake off the pain. They look different too, but that matters little. They aren't that tough and will scatter anyway after I drop a few of them. I still got my revolver, one bullet each for six wolves. My next report will follow after I somehow cross the bridge and reach the Maintenance shed nearby. I may have found a weakness of the wolves affected by the aurora. Will leave a message for other survivors and give an update soon.

In any case, to my Joanne, Kate and Faith: I lo&& &&& &&&& &&& && &&&&& (unreadable)


(Paper is now soaked in blood. These few lines were also written, but are just as unreadable)


End of Mission report. Update: More blood seen on the other side of the broken railroad bridge, operative may have survived for at least a few more minutes. Search party will be dispatched when comms are back online.

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