Tripods and Tarps


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As I was reading other “wishes” I just thought a few of their wants could be introduced fairly easily, not that I know anything about game development. 

- Cooking Tripod blueprint-sticks (3), dried intestines (2), tripod used over a fire with a cook pot that would cook food faster possibly give slightly more food or provide a buff. 

-Smoking Tripod blueprint-sticks(3), dried intestines(2), (1/2)tarp (?) fire fuel, used to smoke meat for preservation purposes and could also use as a way to dry animal harvested goods faster but would require 2 days, have to risk leaving it out check on it frequently or spend a long night outside to prevent theft. 

I think the both of the tripod frames for food production should only have 1 use over a fire then could deconstruct for some resources back. And when crafting (at workbench) can craft tripod then carry and decide later on what to use it for.

-tarp & 1/2 tarp blueprints- full tarp deer hide(2), sewing kit(50% use). Dried intestine(2) . 1/2 tarp 1/2 materials multiple uses but would be weight sacrifice. 

I have so many other ideas as I’m sure everybody else dose as well but We will leave this post limited to this 

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