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I reposted this with a few tweaks because I didn't think my first version was good enough or was a finished product. 

(Sorry if this comes across as a ramble)

So I know people don't really liked the idea of building in the long dark but I'm thinking that my idea can fit into the style that the long dark already has going, in simplest terms so you don't have to read all of this, it's a large snow shelter you can build almost anywhere that's snowy and flat with optional constructible pre placed items inside. Not all of my ideas make 100% sense like the buildable work bench giving you more options to build things that you should be able to build at a normal work bench but I still ask that you tell me if you like my idea or don't like them. 

My idea is an enhanced snow shelter roughly about the diameter of a fishing hut, it would look from the outside like a larger version of the preexisting snow shelter as well as maintaining the not over sized look of the snow shelter.

Once you build your large snow shelter you have a loading screen to get in, when you're in you can stand up and walk around a bit inside it'll be empty at first but you have the option to personalize it you'll get three slots one per each wall and two small slots beside the entrance, In the large slots you can place a large storage, a fire pit, a bed, a drying rack for meat(I saw someone else talk about this not trying to steal his/her idea I just liked it and wanted to implement it into my own idea), a work bench area (but this work bench could be special adding in a whole bunch of new wilderness crafting skills like flint knapping, animal skin clothing upgrade options, stronger arrows and bows, wet stone crafting, stronger forge crafted tools, and a place to repair items that require low quality tools) and then the two small slots by the door could have small storage and twine making.

You then have upgrades for the stations for the fire pit you would be able to add more cooking slots, or better sleep and warmth buff for the bed or more storage capacity, the shelter will also be upgradable with the option to add more reinforcement to the outside (like more planks or logs on the wall), deer skin rugs for heat bonus and style, a small wind shelter at the door incase you want to place a outdoor fire.

Just to add on a little bit more over the door you could have a spot to pin collected polaroid's and completed map as well as extra collectables found about the world.

You will have to maintain the snow shelter every 8-14 days depending on the weather it'll cost 40 min as well as one log reclaimed wood or sticks.

The requirements for building are a flat snow area, a shovel, a hatchet, and a crafting experience level 5.

The supplies:

18 planks from a pile or pallet pile or you can harvest fallen tree limbs you'll need 20 tree limbs that will then need to be processed( I'm thinking there could be a carry animation for carrying 3 wooden planks or 2 tree limbs at a time)

34 reclaimed wood or 45 sticks 18 pine fir branches build time will be in 3 stages each taking 10 hours

That's all of my idea please give feed back and how you honestly feel or if you would like more detail.

 I pulled this from google images to give an visualization of what I'm thinking.



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