Hunger: worst enemy ever!


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Last time I started a fairly good run in Voyageur mode, even if with a rough start.

I chose to start in Pleasant Valley; although a lot of people say it's the most difficult map I always survived there way better then at ML or CH - that's because of the fewer wolves, I suppose.

Of course I spawned in an area I didn't recognize: just trees and snowy hills, without a trace of civilisation. I could have been anywhere and the sun was nowhere in sight. I thought right away I would have died in about a hour, since it was 7:00pm, the wind was strong and I could bet a storm was coming.

However, I started walking in the wind's direction hoping to stumble upon a corpse to loot or a hut.

It didn't go so well.

The blizzard hit as I was already cold, but I kept running, 'cause, hey, I thought I was done for anyway. Then I spotted a car, barely visible through the snow and ran towards it. The Red Barn emerged right behind it and I was safe. With barely 25% condition, exhausted and thirsty I managed to loot the place, start a fire and drink unsafe water at my own risk - I was lucky. I didn't even bother eating more than an energy bar I had found and slept in the car 'till next morning, when I ate and drank the rest of the food I had.

Then my brief good fortune started.

First of all I moved to the Farmstead and found all I needed to go on a few days, including a rifle (yay!), rounds and a knife. Without drawing it out, let's just say I was in perfect conditions at day 10, with still 15 rounds, rabbit mittens, leather boots, a halfway completed wolf coat - I had become a wolf slayer -, enough snares around the place and always full, what I thought it was enough meat to survive one week, plenty of tea and coffee and I had also put extra food in strategic places, so that I could always had a backup resource in case of trouble. I wanted to set up for the Coastal Highway soon, so that I could finally rely also durably rely on fishing to survive, instead of walking long miles every time.

Then, suddenly, good part of my snares broke. I was left with two, but I wasn't too concerned about it, since I still had meat to go hunting for as long as I wished. So I set up one morning with just the bare necessities and went to the adventure. Too bad I couldn't spot a single deer in miles. I thought it was strange, since I had only harvested the already dead ones and I only shot wolves: it's less likely to miss them if they run towards you. I came home empty handed, because I didn't even came across a single wolf. I ate, drank, slept till next morning and repeated this routine for about three days, during which my provisions reduced quickly and I was left with 1kg of rabbit meat as the only everyday income.

I started to worry. I had already made full use of my emergency stocks and then, on my 15th day, I ate the last canned food I had. I went outside, with only a couple of granola bars, loads of tea and coffee and a beef jerky in my pockets. I had only 5 rounds left. That day I wasted two trying to kill a deer I didn't hit. I returned to base, cooked all the tea and coffee and began to slowly starve.

I couldn't allow myself to waste any ammo so I started a desperate search for cat tails along the river, which kept me fed for a couple of hours. I also tried to fish at the Pensive Pound, but I knew it was not worth it: the expense in terms of calories is way higher than the gain. That way I only worn myself out. After that I began to wander around the valley, hoping to shot a deer I would then harvest the next day.

My conditions began to drop because of starvation and fatigue, not to mention I was starting to feel cold. At that point I was nearby a hunter's blind, where I slept for an hour. I was still at 75% when I woke up but freezing.

That's when I spotted the bear. And that's when hunger overcame reason and I shot him, even though I only had two bullets. He obviously attacked me left me at 8%. I realised I didn't have any bandage with me and decided to die heroically and bring that damn bear with me.

I shot him again between the eyes and, instead of fleeing or dropping dead, he attacked me again and put an end to my adventure which started so wonderfully.

Now to the serious stuff: I find it very limitating the main way of providing food in TLD is just hunting, especially if rounds are so rare. I suppose you already received a lot of comments about it, but what when the rounds are gone?

I'm not saying hunting should not be the main source of food - indeed it has to be so -, it should simply be associated to other means. More harvestable plants could be of great help. And of course this implies letting them respawn: cat tails were a good enhancement, but, as for the rounds, once they're gone, they're gone.

So either we are provided with more long-lasting means of hunting, such as big traps or bow and arrows, or, elsewhere, with more natural food.

Great game anyway, I really enjoy playing and keep up the good work!:)

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I only wind up hunting every couple of weeks. My general plan is to start out by hunting enough to get food for a while and guts for snares (I prioritize this over crafted clothing).

I then live off what I've hunted until I have 4 days left. During this time I harvest 8-10 pieces of wood daily to create a stockpile.

Then I set out traps and harvest them daily.

When I'm down to 1 days' food I go hunting. I drive a deer to a wolf and get a double kill.

I stagger back under the weight of the food, hides, and guts.

I spend a day living off the >1kg portions of meat and harvesting more rabbits.

When I have no cooked meat or raw meat over 80% I go to my traps for the last time, I pull all my traps in so they don't deteriorate. By this time the first rabbits I trapped are about 40-50%.

Then I go on a major cooking and water binge. I cook and boil until I'm at 30% health. That usually gets all the meat cooked and 30L or so of water.

THEN I start crafting gear while I live for a LONG time off my hunting.

When I get low I rinse and repeat.

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