Controller: LB/RB for vertical navigation of Inventory categories missing in for Crafting, Journal categories


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Noticed yet another UI usability inconsistency for Controller (PC):

In the inventory screen, it is possible to navigate the vertical list of categories by pressing LB/RB for Up/Down. However, this method is missing in the Crafting and Journal screen.

Please fix this for the sake of consistency and fluid controller gameplay.

Kind regards,


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Please also FIX this funtionality so that when pressing LB/RB, the cursor resumes where it last left off.

From game when pressing Y to enter Inventory, then LB or RB, the cursor on the vertical category list starts at the top/bottom counterintuitively, instead of moving the the next field above or below where the highlighted field currently is.

Please also FIX this: When switching to the "traditional" method of navigating the horizontal menu, by which I mean pressing B to defocus the main inventory grid, it then becomes impossible to use the LB/RB method again. Only exiting and re-entering the inventory enables the LB/RB method again.

This seems so incomplete, imho.

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