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Hi there,

since my laptop doesn't work right now, I wanted to play TLD on my PC. I didn't do it for a while so on that computer the games version is still 193. But although Steam should update the game automatically when I am online, no download starts.

Can someone here help me or is it an issue for the Steam Support (please tell me it's not, they never really helped me when I needed help.)?

Edit: Okay, right now I feel pranked! I waited an hour for the update and the moment I finished this post, it started! :evil:

So, problem solved. Sorry that I started a thread but I really didn't expect it to work after I waited so long.

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If you ever stumble across it again, with any game on your Steam you can right click on the game and go to properties, go to the Local Files tab and then hit Verify Integrity of Game Cache. This will scan your files and compare them to the ones that steam has and then force it to update if it's behind. Also helps for if your game just doesn't want to boot up sometimes to.


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