Make map filter choices persistent accross re-opening map screen


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I appreciate a lot the map filters being intoduced a while back, however in my opinion, they it would a lot more useful if the choices of activated filters would persist instead of being automatically cleared when opening the map screen again.

I most cases when I open the map, I want to have a filtered, de-cluttered, focused view of information, i.e. I mostly want to use at least one filter. For example I rarely am interested in the location of every harvestable resource. Each time I open the map, I must reconfigure my choices, because the default is to show everything. The "clear filters" button has limited use as it is righ now, because It would only serve it's purpose during an individual "map viewing session", when working a lot with chaning various filter within that same session. The filters will reset anyway the next time I open the map, so the button is nearly pointless.

So why not just persist the player's personal preference accross map views, reducing tedium, and then the "clear filters" button becomes more purposeful?

Thanks for considering!

Kind regards,


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