Baiting Wolves, is it possible?


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Perhaps I should just ask. My attempt to determine this was doomed and cursed from the start. A sprained ankle just climbing the snowbank on the primitive road, blizzard, and not seeing a single wolf on a 2 day outing.

Has anyone had success baiting wolves using any "harvested" meat left lying out in their vicinity. I thought maybe with the scent detection that it might be possible to drop some harvested meat outside of say a fishing hut far enough away to see, not spooking the wolf and snipe said hungry wolf?

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There should be a wolf near to the fishing hut in coastal highway between the two islands.

There I tried the bait trick, and 3 times didnt worked, but at least once the wolf didnt notice me in being in the hut and I gave him a proper headshot from 2-3 meters. (twice they focused me instead of the bait like if it were not even there)

I like wolfies but he totally seemed like he wanna eat me as soon as he notices me, and that is not a respectable thing from my point of view, so yes, I was a jerk and shot him in the head.

Blame me.

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