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Hi all, just started the game and I wondered what the meaning is of a shield icon with a curled monkey tail in it that some times appears in the middle/top of the screen.

Also, sometimes on the right side where the save icons appears with the ax, I can see some sort of red organ cut in half. No clue what that means...


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I'm gonna say this in English:

The shield means that you're protected from the wind by an world object, perhaps: car, tree, rock. And it means you get only very little windchill and you can set a campfire in that place even if it's windy, tho the wind can change it's direction so be ready to move. (it's super important to find a place like that when you're in the wild in the middle of a blizzard). 

The red triangle means that "you're walking on uneven terrain",  if you'll walk on uneven terrain for too long you can get a leg, or hand sprain, the steeper the hill the bigger the risk, the more tired you are the bigger the risk, the more overweight you are the bigger the risk ect. ect. 

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