Journal of a survivor

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(This is a sort of Fan-fic based off of my survival stories. If you enjoy and would like me to write more please say so in the comments below.)


Page 1

”I estimate its been around fifty days since I got stranded. I have fought for my life many times and almost died at the claws of bears and the hooves of moose. 
as I heal from a recent moose attack I am making my way south towards the coast In hopes of finding a way off this wretched island. I write this so that one day this journal might be found and returned to my family whether I go with it or not. I am a failed author who made a bad decision and took this trip to Canada, after being rejected by so many publishers. I never knew that I had it in me to survive so long doing things I could never have even thought of doing, but here I am.”

page 2

”I spent most of my days in a farm house near some sort of an orchard. there was horrible weather and I headed north but after being attacked by many animals I retreated back and headed south.  I am about to leave a hidden cave near the shore and not far from a highway destroyed by earthquakes. If by some chance I survive leaving the cave I will write more. If not I will leave this journal for anyone who remains. I can only hope that this disaster is limited to the far north and isn’t near my family back in the US.”

Page 2

”day 51? 52? I’m not sure how long its been. Every moment out here feels like an eternity. Obviously I survived leaving the cave and against my better judgment continued on the highway. I made it to a lighthouse, where I am writing this currently, and have settled in for a long stay. I cant rest for long though because I must explore my new environment and become familiar with it or I won’t have anyone hope of surviving. Funny thing happened today, I tripped and pulled the trigger of my revolver. One less bullet.”


page 2

”same day. I found a ship wreck stuck in the ice. Not much there but it was helpful.”

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Continuing updates
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