The Long Dark is free on Epic Games Store! Dec 19-20


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Hi all, I just noticed The Long Dark is the free game today (December 19) on the Epic Games Store. It's their holiday sale so this only lasts a single day.

I'm assuming everyone on this forum already owns the game. I'm also assuming Epic Games gives the devs a small payout for each freebie (I'd love to hear Hinterland chime in on this?) so, go grab it! If nothing else, it'll help hype the game in the minds of the big distributors :) 

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20 hours ago, Ps4Methuselah said:

OMG.!...Christmas just came early for someone. 🙂

Too bad my pc is too slow to run TLD.

I think you'd be surprised, TLD optimization is incredible on PC. I played it for a long time with integrated graphics on a laptop from 2011 and it ran great.

Also, glad to see a lot of new members here! It's a great game to get through the long winters, especially this pandemic one.

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